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Head hairstylist




birthday : 2/8

constellation : Aquarius

hobby : Travel

language : Japanese/English/French



Tomo worked at two hair salons in Tokyo prior for leaving to NY.

in NY, while he worked at hair salons in NY

Manhattan 5th Avenue and an exclusive

residential district in Scarsdale, NY, he has

studied under Keith Carpenter of the Wall Group.

After gaining many work experiences including

fashion magazine,advertisement,collection,, Tomo then left to Paris,France to

continue his career as a hairstylist.


After returning to Japan in 2013,he lived in

Ishigaki Island in Okinawa for 6 months, and

then he has established his own hair salon

"anji" in South Aoyama in October,2013.

His specialty is to create a short style

leveraging natural hair quality,and he has many customers with different age groups that are returning to his place.







Head hairstylist


Masamitsu Sasaki


birthday : 12/5

constellation : Sagittarius

hobby : Camera/Cooking/Fishing




Masa gained his hair styling technic through working in harajyuku,shibuya,ginza,Nippon‐hashi.He has also worked as head of salon before.Base of work as teaching and general salon work, Masa also has work experience in hair making for magazine shooting and fashion show,etc.

Masa established his own salon‐anji in South Aoyama in October.,2013,to make a shape of his past salon work experience,and to make a future. His specialty is to cut a feminine short style. He has a great reproducibility technic, and his customers in extencive age groups provide him tremendous supports for his work.

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